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Lee, Rodriguez outline plans for rules committee

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It's been several weeks now since Senator Mike San Nicolas says he accomplished his goals, passed the torch, and stepped down as chairman for the Committee on Rules. And the two senators appointed to the task already have their goals outlined.

It wasn't long before Speaker BJ Cruz appointed two new leaders of the Legislature's Committee on Rules, divvying up the duties between Senator Regine Biscoe Lee and Senator Dennis Rodriguez.

Cruz introduced a resolution appointing the two, following the resignation of former committee chair, Senator Michael San Nicolas.

Lee says she is looking forward to the chairmanship and has already been entrusted by her colleagues as legislative secretary for the term and sees serving as chairperson of the Committee on Rules as an expansion of her responsibilities in the legislative process.

"Many of my colleagues we've all been through the process of introducing bills and we understand what that very deliberative process and the outline and the steps that we need to take to get our bills and our measures through," she said. "And I really don't think that should be changed especially in the middle of the game and I think it's important to provide that continuity of service."

Lee says she will continue to look into issues that may arise regarding legal matters or may be inorganic and make the necessary clarifications for measures before they hit the floor. And while Lee credits her predecessor for laying some groundwork before her, she will still make an assessment of things that may need to be improved and streamlined.

In the other seat, Rodriguez is now the Chairman on the Committee on Legislative Operations - which provides support to lawmakers in order to carry out their governmental functions. Rodriguez says he too will be making an assessment of current operations. He says his goal is to put into place systems and protocols that will outlive this term - including facilities support for the new Guam Congress Building.

The senator said, "We're in a new historic building as well, we have to make sure we take care of business - this is the house of the people of Guam and so we want to make sure we have processes in place that preserve this place for our future."

The next Committee on Rules Meeting will be on July 17.

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