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It IS happening - the Liberation Carnival takes off in a few days

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Despite delays, officials now confirm we are just eight days from the official opening of the Liberation Carnival on the Paseo grounds in Hagatna.

The rides are slowly but surely coming together. Initially, talks surrounded having the carnival only a few days out of the week, but KUAM confirms the carnival will operate all 7 days.

The Mayors of Council of Guam along with the Chamorro Village met with potential vendors on Monday. As of last night, there were 30 potential vendors ready to join in this year's festivities.

MCOG Executive Director Angel Sablan says the carnival set-up will be a little different this year, as they have moved to the former FESTPAC Village. This year confectionary and food vendors will also be required to bring in their canteens or food trucks. However, he says this makes the process a little easier.

Sablan is hopeful they will have enough vendors to fill up the available spaces, telling KUAM News, "As far as games for the kids or the adults, sales of trinkets and stuff like that - we're going to utilize the concrete huts that are there - there are 34 of those available and hopefully we'll get it filled up." He added, "The rides have actually begun setting up, the only thing we have to determine is if whether or  not there will be bingo - since that will be the only gaming allowed during the carnival."

Bill 50 recently lapsed into law - forcing the Mayor's and the Guam Liberation Historical Society hand to look elsewhere for funding. For the mayors, casino gaming was considered the backbone of the carnival festivities.

So far, investors have already had the casino gaming facility up for weeks - anticipating a status quo - but with the recently implemented ban, investors want to recoup the costs they already dealt out. Sablan said, "We understand that of course they put up the building, they spent money up front, they purchased supplies and they paid for the labor to construct the building and so there's some costs that they've incurred. We're not saying we're liable for all of these costs, but we're there is probably some liability."

Sablan adds they asked investors to continue communicating with the liberation society and to let them know what the costs would be to settle. There are no talks of litigation at this time.

In the meantime, the Liberation carnival is set to kick off on June 28 and will run through July.

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