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Mark Torre, Jr's sentencing on Wednesday

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We are less than one day away from the sentencing of ex-cop Mark Torre Jr. The Judicial Center expecting a large turnout - just as we saw when the guilty verdict was read in back in March.

The Deputy Marshals and other staff at the local courts stand ready. Judiciary of Guam's Director of Policy Planning and Community Relations Shawn Gumataotao said, "The services are going to continue as scheduled, but it is going to be busy."

A busy courthouse as former Guam Police officer Mark Torre Jr. returns to the courtroom for sentencing. It was more than three months ago, Torre was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of fellow officer Elbert Piolo.

Jurors instead reaching a unanimous verdict, with Judge Michael Bordallo announcing the jury's decision, saying, "We the jury find Mark  Torre Jr. guilty of negligent homicide as a 3rd degree felony."

Torre Jr. is found guilty of negligent homicide, aggravated assault as a 3rd degree felony plus the special allegations of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. He faces a max of up to 28 years in prison.

But, with so much attention on this specific case, the public can expect to see a rather large turnout...people filling the atrium of the Judicial Center just as we saw during the day the verdict was announced.

No doubt security remains a top priority, according to Gumataotao. "Security is paramount. We understand this is a high profile case but we are going to take all of our necessary security precautions that we had in the past to ensure the safety of every occupant in the Judiciary and the Guam Judicial Center at the time is met," he stated.

The judge is also expected to address the defense's motion for acquittal before sentencing is given. And it's all set to start right here before Judge Bordallo at 9am.

And if you missed it, you can get all caught up with the case by watching our special 10-46: Officer Down on YouTube channel.

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