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Could Guam's plight be taken to the UN?

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The Commission on Decolonization will consider inviting representatives of the United Nations to Guam to meet with local residents and hear first-hand about the island's concerns.  In approving the motion, members acknowledged that it is typically the administering power - in our case the U.S.- that would do the inviting, but there are exceptions for "egregious cases."  The commission plans to cite the federal court proceedings in the Dave Davis case and the Chamorro land trust act.

In a meeting Tuesday, the commission also heard from newly appointed executive director Amanda Blas on her recent presentation at the UN regional seminar. She reported on the progress of decolonization efforts.  Independence task force member Dr. Michael Bevacqua also attended, and spoke on the Davis case and how he believes the court's ruling that a Chamorro-only vote was unconstitutional was "an extension of colonization."

There was no discussion at the meeting of Monday's vote in which Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly in favor of statehood.  However, the extremely low 25-percent turn-out has critics saying it is not an accurate reflection of the people's aspirations.

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