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Graduating Tritons challenged to make their mark on society

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Let your voice be heard. Wise words shared by the commencement speaker during this year's University of Guam's graduation ceremony held over the weekend.

A record 336 graduates. "I hate school so much that I graduated a year early so that I can get out of here ASAP," joked UOG class valedictorian Russell Lee, leading off with some humor. The math major addressed his fellow Tritons during the commencement ceremony on Sunday.

"It's not about understanding everything, it's the drive to seek understanding that should move every person in this room. Just keep learning, just keep moving forward, that's how life works," he said.

Hawaii attorney general, Doug Chin, was the commencement speaker. "There will be moments in your adult life, and you don't have to be an attorney general, you don't need to be a federal judge. But there will be those unique moments when you see an injustice, when you see one person or many persons being treated unfairly or when you see someone hurting, that will be your moment to speak up and say something or write something or do something," he said.

Earlier this year, Chin challenged President Donald Trump's travel ban order on seven Muslim majority nations. "It takes us down a dark path in history that we do not want to repeat," he said.

While the case is pending a ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals, Chin did leave the graduates with these words. "Let your voice be heard. This is not the time to put your head down, ignore what is happening around you and hope it turns out ok. This is not the time to go along to get along, rather, this is a time to speak about your values and to let us hear your voice," he said.

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