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Actions taken against four DOC officers - including one termination

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52 days since Department of Corrections detainee Justin Meno was nearly beaten to death inside the Post 6 yard area. Prison leaders say four of their own are being disciplined for failing to follow protocol the day of the attack.  

 One of the officers we now know has been fired. And chilling details as KUAM has obtained a copy of the investigation report.

Justin Meno's jail photo is a far image from how officers who were interviewed after the March 29 attack inside Post 6 describe him. The internal affairs report revealing Meno was unrecognizable. The officers admitting they were in shock and did not know if they could touch him as he appeared to be dead and faced down on the ground in the max unit's east wing yard.

Officers told investigators Meno's jaw was hanging from his mouth, the back of his head bashed in and his hands and feet tied up. His attackers using rags to hog tie Meno's hands and feet, and a towel wrapped around his neck.

The gruesome discovery resulting in the disciplinary action served to four officers working that day.

Acting DepCor Director Kate Baltazar said, "One letter of reprimand which will remain in the employees file for one year, one 10-day suspension, one 15-day suspension and one dismissal."

The corrections officer one fired has been working with the prison for about two years, while experience of the others disciplined range from 13 to 27 years with DepCor.

And today's action means the prison is now three officers short. The warden is taking measures to ensure everything at the prison is business as usual.

The four are not yet being identified, as they now have 20 days to file with the Civil Service Commission. Baltazar said, "It was determined there were several miss-calls, as far as supervisory levels are concerned, I guess bad judgment from officers in itself."

Bad calls that the report states ranges from not reporting to their primary duties, showing up late, instructing staff to remove what could be evidence from the crime scene, and apparently cleaning up and disposing of the bloody rags before Guam police criminal investigators showed up on scene.

The report also states the situation unfolded after the inmates apparently clogged the sewer lines-flooding the cells. Officers forced to let the inmates and detainees out.

Witnesses including Justin's brother, Joshua, told investigators he saw Justin with two other inmates near the west wing before the attack.

"If anything shall arise and we determine that there is a need to open another IA case into this then we could but at this point it has been concluded," she stated.

Among the dozens questioned during the IA, officers admitted it appeared more than one person was involved in beating Justin. Officers also admitting it appeared the yard area had been flushed down. Much of the case is now pending the outcome of GPD's criminal investigation.

DepCor officials say Justin Meno is stable and alert at the hospital, and they will meet with him next week.

While measures have been taken to prevent this from happening again, Depcor says they are working with GPD to narrow down and charge all involved in the attack.

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