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Ballendorf out as Guam Liberation Historical Society executive director

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Guam Liberation Historical Society executive director Heidi Ballendorf confirms with KUAM that she has officially stepped down from her position. Her resignation comes the day after Liberation carnival committee chairman Mayor Robert Hoffman said Ballendorf misspoke when she reportedly stated that the casino and carnival will be shutdown this year.

Hoffman clarified that the committee will meet next week to discuss possible alternatives in the event they operate the Liberation events without a casino. Anti-gambling groups urged the Attorney General and the Guam OPA to look into the matter following KUAM's story earlier this week that showed the casino being constructed on the Paseo grounds. Public auditor Doris Flores Brooks tells KUAM, "When we released the Mayors audit on April 26, our highlights included the comment that the audit of the Guam Liberation Historical Society has still not  been reported for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Liberations.  We reminded the Mayors of their responsibility and in particular Mayor Hoffman."

Senator Telena Nelson is also pushing for her Bill 50, which would get rid of the casino at the Liberation carnival immediately, to be heard at this month's session.

The measure is currently not on the agenda.

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