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AG: GLUC doesn't have decision-making power for electronic billboards

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The Attorney General has declared the Guam Land Use Commission's recent approvals of electronic billboard signs void.  And despite whatever good intentions it may have, the AG says the GLUC's actions exceed its power.

Digital outdoor signs were not around when the laws were first passed, so the statute is essentially silent on them.  So faced with what it saw as an outdated law, the GLUC has been approving zone variances for the signs.  But AG Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson says a policy disagreement with the legislature is not a good enough reason.  Instead, they should advocate to have the law changed. "This is good for the economy of Guam, but we cannot approve it, why don't you go down to the Guam Legislature," she said.

The GLUC is on record in support of amending the law. In the meantime the AG says she's not out to put any of the existing sign companies out of business. "That's a question not just of law, but of fairness and equity. The Government of Guam has allowed something to exist for over a decade," she noted. "Boards and commission members are not lawmakers, and only lawmakers can implement those changes."

She suggests a comprehensive review of the signage laws to also address other concerns such as foreign language translations. 

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