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Phil Flores sounds off on RFP protests

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As the public awaits the decision by the Office of Public Accountability on the latest appeal stopping the renovation of Simon Sanchez High School, one offeror shares his concern that the protests are an attempt to change the RFP process to favor one company.

"Whether we win the bid or not, the school has to be built," said Phil Flores. He's the director of Guam Educational Facilities foundation - one of the companies vying for the Simon Sanchez High School project. He's concerned that continued protests by losing offeror CoreTech International are an attempt to change the procurement process in the company's favor.

"I think they're just trying to drag it out and force DPW into frustration to form an RFP that favors them," he said.

Department of Public Works has already agreed to amend the current procurement to address two issues raised by CTI, after the company protested and appealed the procurement two weeks after the RFP was issued. Despite DPW's concessions, CTI has not found agreement with DPW. Assistant attorney general Tom Keeler.

"CoreTech's main argument is how they are going to control the issuance of the second RFP what it should contain and what should be included in that Ms. Tang stats they're not there to protest to protest and I'm not sure that's accurate," he said.

During the hearing CTI attorney Joyce Tang also advocated that the process should be changed to an invitation for bid process instead, a stance she has advocated for in recent public hearings. "When you have a public hearing and you have three attorneys represent you that's very expensive, you're investing, and why are you investing so much money into a hearing, into a whole process? Because you're trying to change the process, and why would you want to change the process? Because you're trying to change the process in your favor."

However Tang contends that the protests are in an effort to save taxpayers money and prevent future protests going forward, saying, "We're here not because we have nothing more to do but to protest or to delay the process; the delay is caused by the agency's inability or unwillingness to follow the rules."

Students of Simon Sanchez High School have been waiting four years for their school to be rebuilt.

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