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Man dead, officer wounded following Dededo shootout

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One man is dead and a police officer is rushed to the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in Dededo early today.  

A chaotic scene expanding from Barrigada on up towards Dededo early Friday. A high speed chase all started here at the House of Liberty Gameroom after a security guard called police.

Police: Dispatch, there's a call for a male individual with a weapon went to the side of Liberty House.

Police officers are heard talking to 911 dispatchers as the suspect takes off.

Police: Watch out this guy's got a gun. He's got a gun!

Responding officers one by one are overheard detailing their close encounter with the suspect...

Police: We are at Route 16 going to the underpass. Shots fired!

That's the first time cops report the suspect opening fire as they gave chase. The man then leading police towards Harmon Loop road and up towards Marine Corps Drive to Dededo and Yigo.

Police: we are heading eastbound on Route 1. Police: Shot fired! Shots fired!

Then back down to Dededo, again.

Police: Shots fired. Shots fired. Headed back down westbound on Route 1. Got five shots fired. Shots fired.  Be advised, he shot the car window - car 3-1 - he shot the window.

It's at this point one officer giving chase is injured after a bullet shatters his patrol car window...the glass going into his eye. For nearly half an hour the chase went on until the suspect stopped at Chalen Langet in Dededo.

Police: He's out of the car, out of the car!

Mobile phone video captures the final moments as shot rang out. The suspect is taken down.

Police: Tactical units are coming in...clear right here, clear right here.

GPD Chief of Police JI Cruz responded to the incident Friday afternoon, saying, "While it is unfortunate that a life was taken, we did what we needed to do."

Chief Cruz says the officer injured during the chase has since been treated and is doing OK. Two officers have since been put on administrative leave as the investigation into the shooting gets underway. Neither of their names are being released, however, Cruz admits his guys did everything by the book. "That officer did exactly what he was trained to do. That officer relied solely on his training and experience as did all the officers who were involved. In my honest opinion, the actions of those officers were very professional this morning," Cruz said.

In the meantime, a cop car remains parked outside the Barrigada gameroom just steps away from Lee Faulkenberry's home. He recalls waking up to the large police presence outside, with Faulkenberry telling KUAM News, "It's a little concerning but I'm just going to mind my own business and hopefully it doesn't make it a habit of that happening again."

It's unclear if the gun he used during the shootout was, in fact, registered to him.

It's been nearly a decade since the last GPD officer-involved shooting. Chief Cruz says mechanisms are in place to assist his officers still shaken up.

The suspect's autopsy will be performed Monday afternoon.

Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio issued a statement saying, “As a former police officer, I know it’s never a good thing when they feel they have to use their firearms,” acting Governor Ray Tenorio stated. “A man lost his life and a police officer was injured. Police are investigating the situation that lead to the horrific scene that we all woke up to today.”

Guam chief medical examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola confirmed with KUAM News that the suspect's identity is Steven Seagraves.

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