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Chief confirms officer who threatened man over phone is Burt Carbullido

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We now know the name of the police officer accused of threatening to harm another man over the phone. Police Chief JI Cruz confirms Officer Burt Carbullido is the officer being investigated for the incident.

Last month, we spoke the victim, James Huh. He provided KUAM with the recording of the officer making threats to physically harm him. Huh says he was only inquiring how to become a police reservist at that time.

Chief Cruz says the criminal investigation is complete and has been forwarded to the attorney general's office for disposition. "That incident occurred while Officer Carbullido was off-duty, and because of the fact the merits of the criminal case have been brought to my attention, I am able to say that the phone conversation captured by the complainant was, in fact, Officer Carbullido," the chief confirmed.

Cruz says Carbullido remains at work as the internal affairs investigation is ongoing.

On a separate note, police over the weekend arrested James Huh on charges of retail theft after he was allegedly caught stealing items at Kmart.

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