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Innovative sky bridge offers gateway to Resorts World Manila

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Travelers to the Philippines landing at the Manila International Airport will soon have a quick new way to get to a popular integrated resort complex nearby. A new state-of-the-art sky bridge will be unveiled on April 18th at Naia Terminal 3. It will provide a direct link to Resorts World Manila located directly across the street.  The fully-air conditioned structure can accommodate more than 2,000 passengers per hour, says Resorts World chief operating officer Stephen Reilly.

"It's called the Runway Manila - we actually seeded our name in there a little bit, when you think of runway, RW, so Resorts World," he said.

Reilly says it's a brilliant way to bypass the notoriously slow manila traffic below. In mere minutes passengers will be transported into resorts world which will soon add the well-known Sheraton and Hilton brands to its line-up of hotels that already includes the Marriott, Maxim's, the Belmont and the Remington. The complex will boast a total of 4,100 rooms when fully completed.  "It's one compound, one city, Newport City, all in one area," said Reilly. "It's perfect, so it's a gamechanger."

Reilly says Resorts world Manila - the Philippines first integrated resort - is a one stop complex for entertainment and activities. And RWM is aggressively promoting itself to the Guam market, and its tens of thousands of yearly Philippine travelers.

"Now, to get into the city, to actually get to St. Luke's - it's only a stone's throw away. So a lot of people are actually finding you know what, yes I may be coming in for medical tourism and to do my annual check-ups, but I can stay in Resorts World, I can maybe play a little poker, I can go see a show, they've got a vast array of restaurants."

Meanwhile, the air bridge is also seen as a big boost for Cebu Pacific, one of the main airlines that is based at Naia Terminal 3.  The low-cost carrier is celebrating its first year anniversary of serving Guam, which is also its first US destination. Corporate communications director Charo Lagaman says they are pleased with their performance to date, and with the more than 70% year-on-year growth in the market.

"A lot of the fares from the Philippines to Guam also started coming down. So that's great because more people can travel and that would also mean that it's great for trade and tourism and investments, and It can only get better," he explained. Lagaman says Cebu Pacific will continue to come up with new ways to promote the route, and drive more travel between Guam and the Philippines.

"For sure that in the coming weeks and months that there will be something exciting for Guamanians, you can expect something from Cebu Pacific," he said.

For now though, there are no plans to launch direct flights to Guam from Cebu Pacific's home base, the city of Cebu, which is a leading economic hub located conveniently and strategically in the central Philippines.  There has been some clamor for a more direct link to Cebu City, the largest and most prosperous in the Visayas region.

He said confidently, "Rest assured that when the demand is there and when the opportunity is there we will do so."

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