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Having stepped down as U.S. Attorney, Alicia Limtiaco looks ahead

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The search is on for a new U.S. Attorney for Guam and the CNMI, and the newly-resigned incumbent from that office is weighing her options as she hopes to continue in public service.  Alicia Limtiaco talked with KUAM News about what her future plans will be.

Limtiaco says while its customary to submit a courtesy resignation to a new administration, she was still caught a little off-guard by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' call for all U.S. attorneys to step down. "The timing of this request and the suddenness caused a challenge, in our U.S. Attorney's Office, however I would say that the staff in both Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands worked very diligently with me to ensure the smoothest transition as possible," she stated.

Limtiaco is proud of her accomplishments in seven years in office, and can rattle-off a long list of initiatives that she hopes will continue, from project safe childhood to combat child sexual exploitation, to project safe neighborhood to address gangs and youth violence, to the Red Ribbon Campaign to educate students about the dangers of drugs. 

She and her staff of federal prosecutors presided over a diverse caseload. On the criminal side, she said, "Public integrity, or white collar crime, human trafficking, child sexual exploitation, child pornography, sex offender registration and notification act violations, drug trafficking." And on the civil side, she noted, "Environmental issues, wildlife issues, endangerment species act issues, voting rights, labor and discrimination, ADA issues" were among her accomplishments.

Limtiaco has had a long and distinguished career in public service. In addition to US attorney, she was the elected attorney general of Guam, and a government prosecutor.  She says public service is an honor and a privilege, noting, "I would consider any future meaningful opportunities to continue public service to engage with the community and that can be in any capacity."

She would even consider a reappointment as U.S. Attorney. Limtiaco says she is very respectful of the authority of the governors of Guam and the CNMI, and would be honored to be re-nominated.  But with her body of work, she might have several other options, as she projected, "I would give very serious consideration to opportunities to serve the people of Guam and so that can be in a number of different capacities, one of which could certainly be future government service for the people of Guam."

She hinted that such aspirations may include serving the island in a political capacity.

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