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Governor Calvo supports reinstatement of Jon Fernandez

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Governor Eddie Calvo supports the Guam Education Board's intention to reinstate superintendent Jon Fernandez as the head of the Guam Department of Education. Governor Calvo wrote to Guam Education Board chairman Peter Alecxis Ada today encouraging the board to move forward with a vote on the possible reinstatement.

Ada also met with Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson this morning. Barrett-Anderson represents the GEB in a $7 million federal lawsuit filed by Fernandez last year. The lawsuit claims Fernandez’ fourteenth amendment rights were violated when the board removed him last October.

It also names six members of the GEB in their personal capacities, only one of whom remains on the board. In his letter Calvo wrote, “The new board has a clear mandate from its members’ election and appointment to give the students back their beloved superintendent.”

Calvo said the administration will welcome Fernandez's return as superintendent, referencing issues with financial management since he was placed on leave.

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