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Public transit route to take people to find work

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It's considered one of the challenges to getting a job, and by next year the Guam Department of Labor hopes to kickoff a pilot program with Guam mass transit to help transport people where they need to go to start their career.  "Transportation has typically been a challenge for people in general," noted Dr. Sam Mabini, "so we'd like to see how we can explore, and think outside the box and be very creative and really be customer-focused."

And by next year the Department of Labor's director hopes to ease the trouble. This week, the Guam Regional Transit Authority passed a memorandum of agreement to provide the agency with one of its new MV-1 five passenger vans. She continued, "So from them it would be one of their new vans and from us it would be utilizing our resources from our American Job Center in helping individuals who are trying to find jobs and getting to training or what not."

Just this year, the public transit started a new route that stopped by the American Jobs Center in Anigua. Ever since, Dr. Mabini says it's been more than bus, saying, "Which we had reported just in this last year, an updated number of over 5,300 people who have actually visited the American Jobs Center. Of course those are some repeats, but imaging 5,300 people coming through private or public transportation. Some have the challenge of being able to go back to the bus and go to our partner agencies where they may need additional documents."

Dr. Mabini says some of the places they plan to utilize the van will be the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation at the DNA Building, the adult education program at GCC and other places like Rev & Tax and Public Health. "So the challenge for them is getting to these various places and what we would like to do is accommodate them, help ease the process by providing transportation," she said.

And because this is a pilot program, there will be at no cost to the clients. "This is actually a service that we at the American Jobs Center that we will be providing for our participants," she said. "Of course we'll have to create a schedule at the routing among the different partners so it will be regular or maybe it will be on demand."

And while it's just one van for now, Mabini hopes this partnership will lead to more in the future. She said, "I encourage our partners, whether it's a non-profit or even one of our public agencies, if they may have a van that may help augment or support this initiative we welcome it."

The MOA still needs to be signed by the governor and the attorney general for final approval.

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