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Paul McDonald

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NAME: Paul McDonald
RACE: Mayoral
PARTY: Republican
VILLAGE: Agana Heights
CONTACT:  WILFRED C. REYES     477-4535              472-8285/6

Mayor Paul M. McDonald was born and raised in the village of Agana Heights.  He is the fifth child of twelve children of Charles H. & Lucia G. McDonald.  He is married to the former Elaine M. Zanoni, the daughter of Leo P. & Lourdes G. Ceraos, also of Agana Heights.  Paul and Elaine are blessed with a son, Eugene and two daughters, Yvette and Stacy.

Since 1993, Mayor McDonald has dedicated himself to the people of Agana Heights, organizing and promoting numerous programs and activities for all age groups.  His track record has proven his ability and commitment to maintain the progression of our village.

For the past 24 years, he has made a long-term, lifelong commitment to work tirelessly for the well-being of our community of Agana Heights - to get through the tough times and to celebrate the victories together.  He fulfilled his promises to our community and stayed focused on unity - a unity that has kept our community safe, beautiful, active and strong!!

Mayor McDonald thanks the community of Agana Heights for allowing him to serve for the past 24 years and for working with him and his administration - together, we molded a great community and we are truly proud of our village and our residents!

There are many daunting challenges that we have faced and will continue to face in our community, but we have been able to and will continue to meet them head on, head strong - united as a family of people who share the goal of a better community.  Together we can continue to make Agana Heights a better place to live and a better place to raise our family.

Despite all the accomplishments, Mayor McDonald knows there is still much more to be done to steer our community to greatness.  He will continue to fight for our community, He will continue to demand for a transparent and effective government, and he will continue to work fearlessly in getting things done for our community. 

He continues to stand committed to you and will continue to focus on unity - a unity that will lead our community to a better future for our families.


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