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Andy Santiago

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NAME: Andy Santiago
RACE: Mayoral
PARTY: Republican
CONTACT:  Eric Santiago                969-7650

Hello and Hafa adai!  My name is Andy Aguon Santiago.  I was born in

May 1949 to a family that would eventually have a total of 10 children.  After graduating from George Washington High School in 1967, I left the island to serve in the United States Navy.  In 1971, I married Maria “Mary” Chiguina.  Over our 45 year marriage we raised three children and currently have four grandchildren. Having served for 22 years, I retired from the United States Navy as a Chief Petty Officer.  After this I received three degrees from Olympic College in Bremerton, WA – AA in General Studies, AS in Bookkeeping, and an ATA in Welding Technology.  I worked as the Welding Foreman for a private company in maintaining decommissioned Navy ships for five years.  While in Washington, my wife and I were very involved in the Guam Club of Bremerton and Vicinity.  We engaged in activities and events that raised funds for the club, supported local Chamorros through gift baskets, and gathered families for holiday parties and picnics.  We also helped with the annual Santa Marian Kamalen fiesta at our parish, Holy Trinity.

Due to changes at my wife’s workplace we had the opportunity to move back home.  Since our return in 2004, we’ve reconnected with family and purchased a house in our home village of Umatac.  My wife and I are actively involved with our church through music ministry, fundraising events, and social activities.  I enjoy being outdoors.  Currently, I’m raising chicken and planting various local produce at home.  My dogs Maolek, Chief, and Lucky keep me busy, too.

Born and raised, I have many memories of my childhood.  I wondered why some of the great things that occurred in my youth were no longer in existence.  I recall being on a basketball team, competing against other villages, and winning the championship in 1964.  I remember attending F.Q. Sanchez Elementary school and was saddened by its recent closure. 

As I go through our village I see many issues of concern – insufficient lighting, unsafe pathways for pedestrians, an eroding cemetery, lack of community programs, lack of opportunities to tap into our greatest island industry of tourism, and an unused school building.  For these reasons and because of the love I have for my people and village, I submitted my candidacy for the position of Mayor of Umatac.  For these reasons and my desire to make a difference, I believe that I am “Your Choice for Change”. 

Thank you and Si Yu’os Ma’ase.

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