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Vicente Castro

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NAME: Vicente Castro
RACE: Vice Mayoral
PARTY: Democrat
CONTACT:  Derick Baza-Hills        671-689-4066

My name is Vicente "Ben" A. Castro, vice-mayoral candidate for the village of Agat. I am married to the former Isabel ""Babylyn"" S. Rivera. Together we have five (5) children Zachary, Jonathan, Shawnnel, Joseth, and Darren and 1 grandchild Kavan Myles. I am the son of the late Jose Castro and Dometila Aquiningoc Castro. Son-in-law of the late Jose Salas and Isabel Santos Rivera.

Work Experience: Retired Army (21 years), Private Sector (5 years), Dept. of Education SPED Transportation (14 years), Currently a small business owner. Together with my wife we own and run Rivera-Castro Retail in Agat.

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