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Annie Quenga

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NAME: Annie Quenga
RACE: Mayoral
PARTY: Republican
CONTACT:  Clara M.T. Cabrera    477-5438


I am 63 years old.  Married to Joseph Santos Quenga for 41 years I graduated from GWHS in 1970.  I graduated from UOG with a bachelors in Public Administration.  I retired in 1999 from the Superior Court of Guam as a Probation Officer.  10 years under the Alternative Sentencing Office where I facilitated prevention programs for juvenile and adults for status offenders and diversions,  This includes the Theft and Drug programs, Family Violence, Alcohol Treatment, Parenting Education Programs, Community Service.  I monitored felony cases Crimes Against Persons to include, murder, rape, criminal sexual conduct, etc.  I also entertain complaints from the victims and place them in shelters and provide their necessities.  I also monitor supervised probationers off-island and transport prisoners to the airport.  After I retired I taught CHamoru classes to elementary students from K-5 grades in 3 public schools.  I started my government service at the Department of Public Safety in 1977 as a clerk at the records department processing IDs, police clearances, reports and fingerprinting for firearms registration and take pictures and microfilm old records.  I was hired as a PABX telephone operator for both the police and fire departments.  I lived in California for 8 years from 2003 to 2010.  There I worked as a security guard at a casino where I was stationed as a guard to the tribal homes and the Serrano Indian Tribe Community Center for 3 years.

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