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Benjamin J. Cruz

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NAME: Benjamin J. Cruz
RACE: Senatorial
PARTY: Democrat
CONTACT:  Francis Santos, (671) 477-2520/1

Benjamin J.F. Cruz is a Retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Guam. Today, his abiding commitment to public service continues as Vice Speaker of the 33rd Guam Legislature where he serves as Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations and Adjudication.

During his distinguished career spanning all three branches of government, his work has been marked with fairness, tenacity and compassion. He remains a fierce advocate for Guam's families, the elderly, and the individual taxpayer.

Cruz's policy achievements include passing two balanced budgets with substantial bipartisan support, slashing millions of dollars in unnecessary government spending, increasing the minimum wage for the working poor, and authoring the most comprehensive retirement reform in over a decade.

A hallmark of Cruz’s leadership has been his fight to make our government more accountable to the People of Guam. In recent months, the Vice Speaker has fought excessive legal contracts that cost ratepayers millions of dollars a year, stood against excessive government debt, and identified an illegal retroactive pay scheme orchestrated after the 2014 gubernatorial election.

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