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Tina Rose Muna Barnes

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NAME: Tina Rose Muna Barnes
RACE: Senatorial
PARTY: Democrat
VILLAGE: Chalan Pago-Ordot
CONTACT: Mayor Robert Hofmann, Campaign Manager/J. Cordero, Treasurer - 688-3686 & 472-3455/6

Faith, family, culture and a passion for helping people are the values that guide the vision of one of Guam's proudest public servants, Senator Tina Rose Muña Barnes.  From her days as a young advocate helping to protect the rights of her fellow Guamanians in the Guam Public Defenders Office, to the first days of her decade-long career as a senator in the Guam Legislature, Senator Muña Barnes continues to work tirelessly alongside her colleagues to build a modern, progressive island that serves all. 

As the Chairwoman of the 33rd Guam Legislature's Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism, Housing and Historic Preservation, her mission is focused greatly on initiatives that ensure our work today leaves behind a stronger Guam for tomorrow.

Senator Muña Barnes is an outspoken advocate for policies that ensure the expansion of Guam’s circle of economic opportunity.  Under her watch, Guam’s visitor industry reaffirmed its role as the island’s main economic engine, setting a historic record in 2015 with 1.4 million tourists making their way to our shores. With success in the visitor industry, Senator Muña Barnes was able to focus on other economic initiatives such as turning abandoned houses into affordable homes and securing the financial support for programs that serve Guam’s Man'amko and our most vulnerable citizens.

Believing that the best way to lead is through example, Senator Muña Barnes enjoys sharing her time with the men and women whose compassion and hard work are the lifeline of community services such as Guma' Mami, Families for Life and the Soroptimist International of Guam.  She also is an active supporter of Guam’s cultural preservation endeavors, utilizing her role as the oversight chair for the Guam Legislature’s Committee on Historic Preservation to ensure that organizations such as the Guam Preservation Trust and other artistic and cultural groups are given the resources and support they need build their legacies.  

Senator Muña Barnes is inspired daily by countless volunteers who give their time to serve others. She credits the work of Guam’s non-profit miracle workers as the motivation behind her most recent venture as a founding member of The Women’s Legacy of Guam, a new non-profit endeavor focused on improving the lives of women and children.

With nurturing the next generation at the forefront of her priorities, Senator Muña Barnes is proud to carry on the legacy of her father through the Bill Muña Foundation by providing educational scholarships that give Guam's students more opportunities to achieve their goals. She believes strongly in the work she does for the children of Sanctuary Incorporated and takes great pride in strengthening the Chamorro heritage as a member of the Manenggon Memorial Foundation.

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