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Community projects gets Guam excited about gardening

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A few weeks ago, Island Girl Power was buzzing with activity. Longtime program director Juanita Blaz said, "We reached our two year mark for the creation of the gardens. We were able to get funding and add 10 more plots to the community garden," she recalled of the Kurason Ysengsong Community Garden project.   

The day would not have been possible without the fine folks who took the time out to volunteer, as Blaz continued, "We had people from the navy come out. We had of course our sponsors here. Then our youth groups came out. We had a lot of volunteers from Harvest and Okkodo Ambassadors Club."

Blaz encourages those with not a lot of gardening experience to come out and learn from the other gardeners who have a green thumb. "That's what the community garden club is all about - and that's what we're facilitating in the next year," she promised. "We have plots ranging in $5, $10, $15 a year. We pay the water. We give the gardeners access to the community garden and also a tool shed. There's mulch on site and there are resources all around them. It's only an annual fee."

Audrey brown, who is the operations manager, says a position has opened recently at the community garden site. She added, "We're actually looking for someone who is interested, excited and willing to help us fill the garden manager position. We would like them to speak to our other gardeners, offer as much help as possible, as much insight and just help the community in any way like the friends of the park and all the other community projects that we have."

If you would like more information about securing a plot or are interested in the garden manager position, you can give Blaz a call at 688-4752. "I just want to see more people come out and join us in our activities. The more the gardeners see happening the more they will come back and keep interest," she said with a smile.

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