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Expect rolling power outages to continue

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It started without warning Sunday, and unfortunately you can anticipate the hourlong power outages we've been experiencing for the last day to continue for awhile longer. Consolidated Commission on Utilities chairman Joey Duenas says there is no specific timeline for the repair work to be completed on two large, privately-run generators that went off-line this weekend.

He told KUAM News, "So the combined total that we lost is 84 megawatts, so that puts a real strain now. So now we cannot meet what we call our peak load, and some of our load even before the peak is in question. So that's why last night we had some outages. They were rotating one-hour outages. We believe that one of the units, MEC-9, will be back on line soon. We don't know how soon. We can't give you an exact date, they're working on the unit. Temes 7 is going to take a little longer."

Duenas says dispatchers from the Guam Power Authority try to spread out the load shedding as evenly as they can. But as much as possible, they try to keep power on for the schools and hospitals.  No one else, he says, is exempt. "The Power System Control Center is what controls all the power. The transmission and distribution of the power from the generation, it's called 'wheeling'. And what they do, they know how much power they need, and that will determine how many circuits. They know how much load is on each circuit, so then they try to match the circuits that they tag out with the load that they need to shed."


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