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Man caught smuggling contraband into jail

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It looks like 35-year-old Jonathan Peter Ninete could face additional time behind bars. Department of Corrections spokesman Jeff Limo said, "It's sad that Mr. Ninete is coming in to do his time and is going to be charged for additional time because of this. He's being charged for possession of Schedule I and II, promoting major prison contraband, so he's going to be answering to that crime, as well."  

On Thursday evening, Ninete was self-surrendering in another case when officers observed a hole near his pants zipper. Limo added, "The officers discovered last night, around to be exact an individual coming in to do his time and again during the strip search the officers encountered something suspicious in the lining of his pants. They did a further inspection and discovered there was a cut in the zipper area. They examined it more and determined they had narcotics in the lining of the zipper area."

The suspected drugs tested positive for crystal methamphetamine and marijuana. The discovery resulted in Ninete's re-arrest. He was magistrated today and is being held on $20,000 cash bail. "I would like to thank my staff the officers for being alert and expecting the unexpected. these are the things they're taught," added Limo.

Ninete's case is the third of its kind within the last month. Earlier this week Jose Navarro was caught with snuff in his boxer shorts while self-surrendering to serve his time. When officers asked what was in his shorts, Navarro told them it was extra padding.

Kala Taitague was also self-surrendering when she asked to go to the restroom and was allegedly caught trying to flush 27 pills of unknown chemical composition down the toilet.

Limo expresses his disappointment in the inmates - after all, incarceration should be a time to kick the habit and there are programs like residential substance abuse treatment available in prison. "In most cases the courts will impose that in their judgment we'd like to give that treatment to them as well," Limo concluded. "Again, the first step is them wanting to change the habit, as well."

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