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E-ticketing streamlines process of issuing driver citations

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You're behind the wheel when a police car signals you to pull over. Whatever the violation, motorists can be advised the overall process can be expedited thanks to e-ticketing.

On average, the Guam Police Department's Highway Patrol Division issues 150 to 200 traffic violations a week. The process of issuing a ticket used to take 15 to 20 minutes long, but according to Sergeant Rock Anciano, can now be cut down to 5, thanks to electronic ticketing. "We're able to just take the license number from the driver's license. We're able to plug it into the device and it populates all the information we need so it really cuts down the time of an officer to issue a citation," he explained.

The tech looks like a laptop or an iPad. Currently, the department has 22 of these devices with hopes of getting all of GPD on board in the future. "Highway Patrol is the only division using e-citation. The only reason why is because not all patrol cars is equipped with it yet. We're in the process of putting it together," he said.

Aside from expediting the process, Anciano says e-tickets are more efficient, not just for GPD or the driver, but the court system, too. "Once its issued, its electronically sent to the courts. And believe it or not, because a lot of officers have a way of writing, they're like doctors when you write, a lot of the citations are illegible. Now it's legible," he said.

How does it work? "When you're pulled over for whatever violation you will be asked for your driver's license and registration, plug your driver's license information into the computer and everything will pop up. And all they do is plug in the violation and once that's complete its printout will come out and once that printout is printed its sent directly to the courts. So the next time you see that copy if you go before a judge if you contest that citation," he said.

Until all of GPD can get on board, officers outside the Highway Division will continue to issue paper tickets.

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