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Governor requests for presidential disaster declaration

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A request has been made for a presidential declaration of a major disaster for Guam following Typhoon Dolphin. The governor's spokesperson Julius Santos says Governor Eddie Calvo sent the request the President Barack Obama on Thursday.

"We worked extensively with FEMA to try to meet the threshold required in order to send the request 0019 the request being sent, it will go FEMA Region IX, from Region IX to FEMA headquarters and then from headquarters to the President's Office. That being said, despite meeting the threshold there's still no guarantee that the president will declare a state of disaster for the island of Guam, and I'm not trying to be pessimistic about it but I need to throw that fact out there," he said.

According to the letter sent to the president, while there were no deaths or injuries, Typhoon Dolphin did damage building structures and the island's infrastructure along with having over 1,000 people seek emergency shelter. According to a joint Guam-FEMA public assistance preliminary damage assessment conducted after the typhoon, there was $1.9 million worth of damage to commercial businesses and $1.2 million in crop losses.

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo also wrote to President Obama expressing her support of Governor's Calvo request for a major disaster declaration for Guam. In a release she says over the last 18 months, Guam has been hit by five typhoons that have overburdened the Government of Guam and strained local resources to fully respond to the needs of our people. She says the declaration is critical to recovery efforts and necessary to help those who were impacted- return to a state of normalcy.
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