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Huge support for Leon Guerrero to lead Guam Guard

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He's been a Guardsman his entire career and today the confirmation of Guam National Guard Brigadier General Roderick Leon Guerrero went before the Guam Legislature, drawing an overwhelming amount support from every sector of the community.

He's been awarded numerous military awards and decorations and has real war experience having served abroad even bringing our men and women safely home. And for former senator Dr. Larry Kasperbauer, Leon Guerrero simply has the vision to lead our island. "The brigadier general is the right kind of man we need to head our guard at this time," said Dr. Kasperbauer. This is just one of the numerous testimonies in support of Leon Guerrero's appointment as the adjutant general of the Department of Military Affairs.

Former senator Eddie Duenas says Leon Guerrero has the commitment and dedication in the spirit of a Chamorro warrior, saying, "In a sense, General Leon Guerrero is exemplary testimonial of the pride, banner and dedication that the Guam National Guard embodies."

Brigadier General Leon Guerrero is the first Gniversity of Guam ROTC alumni to be selected as an adjutant general. Matter of fact his father helped establish the ROTC program at the university. UOG president Dr. Robert Underwood said, "He's a man of integrity, an officer with intelligence and a leader with a commitment to excellence - these characteristics have served him well within his career and now they will be placed into service as the leader of the Guam National Guard."

Leon Guerrero takes over as Major General Benny Paulino retires from his second tour as adjutant general for Guam. Paulino testified that leadership ability is a vital part of the makeup of the position, saying, "It is critical to the management of the 1,600 members of the National Guard. It defines success or failure - Rod has both the leadership ability and leadership experience to successfully command the Guam National Guard."

Brigadier General Leon Guerrero is the 10th adjutant general for the Guam National Guard since its establishment 33 years ago. He says with this new position, it is his responsibility to develop future Guam Guard leaders to be morally and ethically sound and to embrace diversity. "I am confident with proper and if empowered and mentored, leaders at all levels at the Guam Guard will be confident to identify and resolve challenges together," Leon Guerrero said.

"My leadership is about enhancing knowledge and skills to make people better. it is my vision to utilize my role to facilitate positive change to foster strong relationships for the exchange of ideas and to move the organization forward."

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