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Chief judge leads tour of Dededo Transfer Station

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 by Jolene Toves

Guam - On Tuesday the District Court of Guam will hear arguments on the finances related to the Ordot consent decree in preparation for this hearing Chief Judge Frances Tydingco Gatewood along with stakeholders took a tour of the Dededo Transfer Station and Dero Road.

As the consent decree for the Ordot Dump reaches its final stages Tydingco Gatewood and stakeholders Monday afternoon took a filed trip to see the facilities. The tour began at the transfer station where a decision to either continue operations or close the facility is being weighed as the Government of Guam wants to close the facility.

GovGuam legal counsel Roland Mantanona said, "We believe that the Harmon Industrial Transfer Station can accommodate that that has also been attested to by the community by [Dededo] Mayor [Melissa] Savares." The chief judge added, "They have agreed to it the mayor of Yigo and Dededo concur they have no objections to closing this that's what you have said."

The Dededo Transfer Station is not only the largest facility on island but 60% of the islands population utilizes the facility and while the closure of the Dededo Transfer Station is not objected to by the mayors, Dededo Transfer Station employee Bob Manibusan says the customers should take into consideration, noting, "I've tried to move customers down there to Harmon yeah and they don't want it's a good station but they live right here they live right here then they are saying they are going to fight traffic to go down there it's a good place for the central where everyone is close there. These are the most populated villages in Guam."

Meanwhile Judge Gatewood says that the post closure clean-up of the facility is something she will be working on addressing at Tuesday's hearing once the closure is finalized. Also to be addressed is the road work on Dero Road which is the road leading up to the Ordot Dump. Two plans have been submitted one that will cost $8 million and a second which will cost $1.8 million. GBB'S subcontractor GHD's Paul Berin explains the enhancements, saying, "The top one is a full road reconstruction from the end of the paving at the very, very back end that goes up to the intersection pavement that ties into route four so that the top page I think that referred to as the higher cost."

This plan includes drainage, grating, ponding basins, culverts, sidewalks, curb and gutter, widening of the road and a bicycle lane. "The second one is an overlay which is basically just from the end of the Ordot property the road that is affected from the traffic in Ordot to the end of construction which is this existing GWA sewer man hole over here by the school," he said.

The second plan takes the existing pavement and patches areas of the pavement that have been broken up and resurfacing the road. The difference in the two plans according to Berrin is the drainage systems would make it less vulnerable to inflow and infiltration. Judge Gatewood says after hearing arguments on Tuesday she will decide whether this is a post closure consent decree requirement.  
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