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Man charged with felony criminal sexual conduct

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 by Krystal Paco

Guam - 51-year-old Christos Pangiotis Paloukos was arrested and charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony.

Court documents state Paloukos allegedly sexually assaulted a female known to him approximately ten years earlier. The victim, now 20-years-old, reported that the defendant was a member of her household at the time and would get into bed and rub her private parts above her clothing. In later incidents, she reported he would leave his hands inside her pants and digitally penetrate her. 

A second victim, now 23-years-old, has also come forward stating the defendant started touching her thirteen years ago outside her clothing and on another occasion, touched her beneath her clothing.

Both admit to signing a document years ago stating the defendant never sexually assaulted them. Both admit that this was part of a civil suit which they were not a party.

According to the defendant's interview, he denies any criminal conduct and claims the victims are attempting to extort money from him.
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