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GEC allowing campaigners to be closer to polling sites

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 by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Guam Election Commission passed a resolution Wednesday night allowing campaigners to be closer to the entrance and exit gates of the polling sites. The law previously stated no electioneering was allowed within 100-feet of any polling place, but has since been amended to 10-feet to provide equal access to both parties.

"With the resolution, adjusting the law, it would be such that both parties will have opportunity to wave and wave their signs as voters are entering the polling place," said executive director Maria Pangelinan. "With that in mind, we want to stress to the political parties and their supporters not to intrude and not to impede the entering of the voters."

Pangelinan says the GEC can create exceptions to the 100-feet law in order to safely conduct the election. She adds that stationary signs on the fences still need to be 100 feet away from the entrance and exit gates.

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