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Investment firm talks about Asian economy's impact on Guam

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 by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Lombard Investments is a private equity firm based in San Francisco with three decades in business. Today before the Guam Chamber of Commerce, the company's president and managing director Thomas Smith gave a presentation on Asia's economy and its impact to Guam.

"Another theme for why Asia that attracted us is a academic one, it's called economic conversions, the idea that emerging markets grow faster than developed markets because they are converging on all the things that we currently enjoy. Everything from services to products to improved transportation system," he explained.

Along with an office in San Francisco, Lombard is also located in Bangkok and Hong Kong with consultants in Vietnam, China and Taiwan. Chamber president Peter Sgro further noted that Smith is researching and meeting with the medical community on Guam to see if private investment might be able to help with the diabetes rate on Guam.
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