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Guam National Guardsmen cleanup roadways

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 by Jolene Toves

Guam - They have sworn to protect our nation and our island and this morning the Guam National Guard armed themselves with trash bags to protect our environment.

For the Guam National Guard its all about pride in our island and with that pride comes the drive to keep it beautiful and give back to the community by doing their part in thinking green. "We are part of the community all of our soldiers and airmen come they are from Guam and we want to get out there and ensure that our island is clean and we want to make that contribution to show the pride in our island," Major Josephine Blas told KUAM News. "On a quarterly basis we try to go out into the community and show some pride and do a cleanup so this morning the Army National Guard cleaned Army Drive and the Air National Guard went down to Veterans Cemetery to do a clean up there."

A few months back they officially adopted Army Drive and Blas says now it is more important for them to get out there and ensure that their adopted highway is clean. She says that today's clean up involved over 100 Army soldiers and about 40 airmen armed with trash bags. "Battalion was close to the Micronesia Mall area our recruiting retention medical and the 94th CST they had the stretch between Fort Juan Muna to McDonald's and then 104th Troop Command from the Mobil Gas Station and then the GUANG element from Mobil Gas Station all the way to the 76 gas station," she added.

And as troops collected trash leaving filled bags along the road way a truck followed picking them up and in just those two hours a dump truck full of trash was collected. "Unfortunately I think we are collecting more which is shame but we know we are making a contribution to helping our island and keeping our island clean so that just motivates us to go out and keep doing it," she explained.

But picking up trash on the sides of the roads is not the only way they are giving back in addition to this morning's clean up they also adopted several parks around the island making sure they too are unkempt. "Each of our units in the Air and Army National Guard also have an adopted park that we clean on a monthly basis so we want to want to get out there and show the community that we are here and we like to see our island clean as well," she said.

The parks include the ruins in Umatac, Chief Quipuha Park, the Guam Seal Park, Ipan Beach Park and the 77th Army Division in Yigo. You can also do your part in keep our island beautiful and help reduce the amount of trash on the road ways by discarding of them in the proper receptacles. 
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