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Dededo police precinct gets donation from G4S security

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 by Krystal Paco

Guam - The island's police precincts are getting facelifts as the Dededo Precinct received over $33,000 worth of donations from G4S Security. An unveiling presentation was held today.

Among the list of things donated, the most notable included CCTV surveillance cameras, four computers and a fire alarm system. Chief of Police Fred Bordallo said, "Technology is one thing we're investing on the vehicle fleet and of course a lot of the security apparatus G4S provided here. A lot of these technologies work to send a message to the criminals out there that if they're even tempted to victimize people that we use technology as a real strength and at the same time we're combining our forces with private security organizations to let people know we're adamant about protecting the community of Guam."

The high-definition surveillance cameras will provide coverage of precinct areas that were previously not monitored.

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