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Dept. of Agriculture completes animal quarantine checklist

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 by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Department Of Agriculture is responding to claims by Senator Rory Respicio who earlier this week says he was disappointed by the lack of action and transparency by the agency in regards to inspecting animal quarantine facilities on island. Director Tita Taitague says the agency recently completed those inspections along with an inspection checklist.

"You know how they would operate, it covers cleanliness, where the holdings of the animals are, what kind of holdings are they be held in so when they come in they are in a place similar where they've been into," she said.

She adds the checklist was completed later than July 18 as originally expected because territorial veterinarian dr. Tom pool was off-island. Meanwhile in regards to the indigenous fishing rights program, Taitague says she is trying to reach  middle ground with both the rules from the agency and the Indigenous Fishing Rights Task Force. She explained, "So we're working side by side to see where we come in the middle so it will benefit both Agriculture and the people here on Guam."

Part of the task force's rules include prohibiting jet-skiing in all in-land waters and in all ocean waters within the reefs. A public hearing with Department of Agriculture is set for July 29 at 5:30pm.
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