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IT&E upgrades data networks for Guam, CNMI

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 by Ken San Nicolas

Guam - IT&E has launched their new networks for Guam and the CNMI. The company's wireless and data networks are now faster than ever, according to post-paid product manager Tony Borja. "We've launched our new 4G HSPA+ network. It's a SIM-based network that offers 4G data speeds on all the latest and greatest smart phones, tablets and MiFi devices," he explained.

This new network is a widely accepted industry standard among telecom giants AT&T and T-Mobile. IT&E has combined this technology with affordable rate plans to provide the most for their subscribers. "We offer the best range of post paid rate plans, ranging from $20-$80. The best thing about our plans is that they all offer access to data. Even our $20-$30 rate plans, even if it's someone who doesn't want data, we still give you the flexibility and access to 4G data speeds - which is unique to IT&E. most carriers do not offer data plans that affordable."

While older model phones may not work on this new network, IT&E has a wide range of options for the unique consumer experience. "It's available on the latest devices - like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC-One M8. It's also available on tablets like the iPad Air, the iPad Mini, the Galaxy Tab 3, as well as MiFi and mobile broadband devices," Borja added.

Consumers can get the Galaxy S5 for $299, the iPad Air for $399, the HTC-One M8 for $349, and the Galaxy S4 Active for as low as $99! Come in today to take advantage of these great deals on one of Guam's top cellular networks.

Borja concluded by saying, "We encourage existing IT&E subscribers and new subscribers to come in and stop by one of our locations to get more information on how you can sign up for our new 4G network."
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