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Tryouts held for Guam National Cheerleading Federation

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 by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Guam National Cheerleading Federation recently held tryouts at the G.W Gym as a way to help build the sport on island. The purpose of the federation is to educate and teach those interested in the sport to get more involved and represent the island in future competitions.

James Kirk, GNCF President, told KUAM Sports, "So far for the Guam National Cheerleading Team we are calling ourselves the Guam Hornets. The first event we have lined up is going to be the Liberation Day Parade and the next thing we are looking forward to in the future will be in March 2015 and it's going to be a trip to Singapore to take part in an open event. That will involve all the Southeast Asia countries from Japan to Vietnam to Singapore. Our goal is to promote cheerleading on Guam and this club does not have anything to do with any school and there are is affiliation other than cheerleading on Guam. We want it to grow to where there will be cheerleading clubs around the island and then we can take the best cheerleaders from each club and put them together to one national team and then take them across seas to different competitions around the world."

The tryouts were for athletes ages 13 and up, both male and female to be part of the Guam National Team.

Norly Cabrera Balbin, the GNCF Coach, said, "It's a wonderful experience to actually see these girls from different schools, Simon Sanchez, George Washington High School and we also have a younger one from the middle school level. I believe it's going to help the youth have an appreciation for cheerleading at the national level. So I encourage everyone to come out and see our cheerleaders. This is for the Guam National Cheerleading Federation and it's an opportunity for you to see what our island has to offer. This is for our cheerleaders to shine together and to promote cheerleading on Guam at the national level."
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