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Summer wrestling series continues at Phoenix Center

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 by Dave Delgado

Guam - The 2014 Phoenix Club Intensive Summer Wrestling Series continued today at the FD Phoenix Center. The Goldbuckle Camp  is held by coach  Mike McArthur who is considered one of the best clinical technicians in the world. The Goldbuckle Camp is a 6-day advanced learning and training camp for wrestlers interested in taking their abilities to a higher level.

Mike McArthur of Goldbuckle Wrestling president said, "A lot of people around athletics think that it's just athleticism and it's just being gifted as an athlete. But in most sports and certainly in the sport of wrestling, anybody style whether you're tall and thin or short and stocky you can wrestle and you can have success in wrestling. It's based on your work ethic, your ability to get in to and stay in shape. Wrestling is a hard sport and we can't make it easy, we can only make it easier by having good position. Understanding the basics of balance and having a wide base, solid stance and things like that and using the strength of our hips. There are just so many principles that apply and crossover from one sport to the other but they all apply to wrestling because you have somebody trying to knock you off balance. So balance, technique and speed all apply to what we are trying to do. Then we take each one of those principles and then put them into a particular move or a number of moves and hopefully help these guys understand that there are a lot of components to being successful."

There was also a check presentation made to the Phoenix Wrestling Club on behalf of Matson Navigation worth $1,00. Other sponsors that helped were Gatorade and KUAM Sports.
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