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Team Guam Basketball holding clinic

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 by Dave Delgado

Guam - The Guam National Basketball Clinic will be held at the St. John's Gym starting Friday July 4th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The clinic is hosted by players and coaches from both the women's and men's national basketball teams.

EJ Calvo, Men's National Team Coach, said, "The Guam Basketball Confederation is excited to host and promote this basketball clinic for the youth. The ages are 8-15 years old both boys and girls and it will be 2 days of fundamental basketball instruction by the head coaches of the national teams as well as the players on the men's and women's national teams. The clinic will be on Friday July 4th and Saturday July 5th and then on Sunday there will be a 3on 3 basketball tournament. You can register by going to Hornet Sporting Goods in Tamuning and filling out a registration form and paying the $50.00 clinic fee at Hornet Sporting Goods. You can also go on the Guam Basketball Confederation page to download a registration form and bring it to the clinic and we'll see you there."

If anyone is interested in joining the camp you can also email

Eddid Pelkey, the Women's National Team Coach, said, "Well what we are trying to do with this clinic is expose our youth to the level of basketball that our national team is playing at right now. This clinic is targeting 8 to 15 year old children. We are going to be working a lot of basic fundamental, ball handling, shooting and a lot of footwork. We will also start getting them into some team organization drills both offense and defense and things along that nature to start building them up to future national teams and future national events. We plan on doing a lot of different things with these children and really stimulate their minds and challenge their skill sets. Obviously with the large age group that we have we really want to focus on developing their individual skill sets and progressing them at an even level. You are not going to progress an 8 year old the same you would a 15 year old, so we are going to target those skill sets and we are going to sharpen them with the way the game is being played now."
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