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GFT's collective bargaining may have hit roadblock

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 by Jolene Toves

Guam - The Guam Federation of Teachers' collective bargaining efforts may have hit a roadblock for its exclusively-recognized unit at the Port Authority of Guam.

During today's board meeting port general manager Joanne Brown expressed her dissatisfaction with the contract as it stands, saying, "I have nothing more to add on this matter I don't think there is anything more before the board to entertain with regards to this matter." She added, "We made very clear our position to the GFT - they chose not to respond to us we have no further action to take with regards to this and I maintain my position I will continue to advise the governor not to move forward with this contract."

GFT executive director Joleen Castro is extremely disappointed she says the collective bargaining agreement was signed by the board and the GFT president almost two years ago. She says the next step was the attorney general's approval and then to the governor for his signature.  Castro feels Brown is not working collaboratively with GFT. 

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