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View Guam's earliest pics on Guam Museum Facebook

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - The Guam Museum has gone virtual with a display of eleven photographs from 1876 on their Guam Museum Facebook. Acting director Simeon Palomo said, "In celebration of International Day which is this month of May the Guam Museum decided to show the earliest photos known of Guam in 1876. In 1876 a German ship called the Hertha came to Guam actually it was traveling Asia and the Pacific and they stopped by Guam in 1876 and took images."

The photographs are a part of the Gustav Riemer Collection and depict Guam's landscape as well as cultural scenes such as a man climbing a coconut tree a woman getting ready for mass and images of Carlinians and Spanish deportados. The photographs are also on permanent display at the First Lady's exhibit in Government House. 

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