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JFK incoming seniors protest redistricting

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - The JFK graduating class of 2015 is protesting against the redistricting of students to Tiyan High.

With Tiyan High School scheduled to open next school year redistricting of students at John F. Kennedy and George Washington High School has been planned to help alleviate overcrowding. But the plan to redistrict students to the new school is not being welcomed by many students in particular JFK's Class of 2015 class president Samuel Tom.

"Today we are just having a rally to kindly ask the board of education and superintendent to have special consideration for the incoming seniors seeing as we have come together for the past few years and work diligently to raise funds to provide for the best senior year ever," he explained.

They are fearful that all their hardwork is being threatened adding that the graduating class of 2015 were the first freshman class to experience the new JFK campus and would like to fulfill their four years there.

Tom says they are protesting because they want answers and feel that a decision is taking too long, saying, "After today we hope to have if not convinced hope to have persuaded the superintendent and the department of education to have that special consideration for incoming seniors and hopefully they will have that consideration for the other schools being affected as well."

Tom says for the last three years his class has been working hard to raise funds needed for all their events planned for next year and he questions what will happen to all the funds when the class is split up...but that is not his only concern. "All those connections that we have made with each other we have come not only to be known as classmates and acquaintances our teachers aren't just our teachers anymore our teacher classmates we are all a family we are a big islander family," he said.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez says they do have a plan and apologizes for not getting the word out sooner. "My message to them and the students at GW as well is we do have a plan for them we are going to be allotting 100 out of district slots to JFK and GW so that the principles can implement requests to stay for those junior that want to stay," he said.

Fernandez says they wanted to prioritize the academic, career or technical programs that may or may not be offered at Tiyan High. He says that students who are concerned and want to continue in the programs that they may have been participating at in their home school may use those 100 out of district slots. "So what's going to happen today we will put out the standard operating procedure that is basically almost in final form to the principals so they can give it to the students and families and after that the student will know that they will need to go to principle and make a request for out of district consideration," he said.

Fernandez adds that with the 100 slots they will be able to address most of those requests. 
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