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Opening briefs, oral arguments set for declaratory judgment

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The timeline has been set for the Guam Legislature's request for a declaratory judgment with the Supreme Court related to medicinal marijuana. Chief Justice Robert Torres set the due date for the Legislature's opening brief by June 11 with the Guam Election Commission's response brief by June 25.

With her reaction is Senator Tina Muna Barnes, who said, "I appreciate the matter and the expeditious timeline the Supreme Court has afforded to the Legislature to move this case forward and determine whether or not it is within the legislature's duties and responsibilities to bring this matter to the people and with the time scheduling set I know we're cutting it close but I'm hoping like what the Supreme Court said we'll have something in the timely manner."

Opening arguments are set for August 4 at 10am. As we reported, the request for declaratory judgment came as a result of Resolution 358 which seeks relief over the legislature's ability through a duly passed law of Guam to direct the GEC to place a measure on this year's general election ballot. That measure in question is Barnes's Bill 215 which was deemed inorganic by the GEC. Executive director Maria Pangelinan meanwhile says initiatives and referendums need to be certified 90 days before the general election.
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