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Won Pat disappointed at Calvo's buildup statements

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Speaker Judi Won Pat says she's incredibly disappointed with Governor Eddie Calvo over his statements on the military buildup. It was earlier this week when Calvo issued a statement in support of the buildup saying Guam not only welcome's it but that the island is at the table with the Navy to iron out the details. He further cautioned senators, especially those who he says "almost derailed the buildup the first time around" to exercise restraint and some decorum and care for the future of Guam when dealing with this issue. Won pat says Governor Calvo's statements shuns public engagement and genuine discourse on this very important issue that affects our future. She says as leaders, it's our responsibility to read through the plans carefully and thoughtfully before making "blanket statements" about how they will impact our community. She further asks the governor to take a step back and truly listen to the requests of the people which include extending the deadline for the commenting period of the SEIS in order to carefully read and understand it. She adds it's not the governor's role to tell the legislature how to behave or make decisions but instead all island leaders should address the buildup through a "One Guam" approach.
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