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Warriors defending MFL title against Angels

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by Dave Delgado

Guam - The 2014 Miller Football League championship title will be up for grabs tomorrow night when the IP&E Angels step onto their home field against the defending champions Pepsi Warriors. The Angels enter the game as the #2 seed advancing to the title game after defeating the DLX Knights 21-0.

Ryan Bigler, Angels Safety, said, "Well we are focusing more mentally and getting a good game plan in. We have lost 4 in a row to this team and we know the weapons and the plays that they use and it is not hard for us to adjust to it. They haven't showed us anything new, their talent pool is pretty good and we need to just adjust to game play. We have something for them and it's a competitive sport and I believe in our team as well and as long as we play together and we play Angel football we can come out victorious."

The Angels have had success with some of their younger players stepping up and contributing season long. Quarterback Steve Phillips says that the game plan for them is simple, step up when your number is called and continue to make plays.

Steve Phillips, Angels Quarterback, said, "Just come out and play hard, any play can be your play and just stay positive and just get ready for the challenge. We have had a lot of success in believing in the guys we have and just executing to the best that we can with whatever is in front of us on defense. So we just need to have fun out there and adjust to what we can do. This is for all of it and we want to play hard when we show up."

The defending champions Pepsi Warriors also have a young core of players surrounding their quarterback Danny Manibusan. Manibusan believes the team is getting better every season and has a good rotation in every position. He said, "It's just little tuning for us as far as the line goes. The receiving core, we are a bunch of young guys out here. We are going to be here for a while, we have been playing with the same system and picking up Jacob he's learning the system and he is a pretty quick learner. This season there are a bunch of guys that can play the position and then our back field picking up Keanu. That's our relief for Hosea, so we have a good rotation in the back field and also in the receiving core."

Defensively Pepsi continues to look at the guidance of the Chairman of the Board Ryan Rios. Rios has kept his defensive unit focused all year and ready for the task at hand.

Ryan Rios, Warriors Linebacker said, "I know their fault and I know their strengths so I kind of help coach Cruz put them in the right position. As far as them being humble and them being ready it's just a given to what we have taught in the past. We are always going to be ready and we are not going to just show up with a 4 man line and just stick with that all night. I want my guys to be ready to understand how to rotate or how to adapt to a situation."

Loring Cruz, Warriors Head Coach said, "This is the championship, I know they are going to bring their A game and we are going to bring our A game and at the end of the game we'll see who wins. I've never seen a loser group of guys than this group and I know we are ready. These guys are here at practice and it's very unusual to get people out to practice in the MFL but we have our guys out here and I think they want it just as bad as I do."
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