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Department of Agriculture worries about heavy rains

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - Department of Agriculture director Tita Taitague is hoping these April showers are simply just that and nothing more. She tells KUAM this time of the year is normally planting season for farmers many of whom take advantage of the dry season. Should the weather worsen, she suggests farmers properly save all their receipts and documentation in case there's any possibility of compensation.

"I know with the Farmer Services (under USDA), those who are under the Farm Services Farm Insurance, usually we get compensated if there's a name-storm, and it heavily affects the area with water saturation, then we can claim for that but those of us or farmers who perhaps don't have farmers insurance, if they're going to look at the local government perhaps it won't happen at this time," she said.

She says if there is a big disaster like a typhoon, she believes the government will provide some compensation. It was last year when dozens of farmers experienced losses and damaged crops as a result of heavy rains. Many farmers sought compensation totaling close to $500,000 all of which was paid just a few months ago.
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