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Concern raised about foster child health insurance

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by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - A public hearing was held this morning on legislation that would include foster children in the Government of Guam group health insurance contract.

Public Health director James Gillan testified that he agrees with the concept of Bill 299 and appreciates the motivation, but didn't believe the passage would be beneficial to the government and people concerned.

"I agree with your intent, but practically or even legally, I don't know whether you can actually do this because this is the Government of Guam employees and retirees plan, I guess you can negotiate anything and if you do I'm happy to see those children taken care of," he said.  

Gillan says the psychological treatment and psychiatric medications that some foster children may require is expensive. He says adding this group of children with extensive physical and mental needs under the GovGuam insurance plan may increase the 11,000 GovGuam enrollee's premiums once the insurance companies gain cost experience. He added foster children are currently qualified under Medicaid and the Child Health Insurance Program with many of the services utilizing more federal dollars than local. He questioned who is going to be pay for the services not covered under the GovGuam health insurance plan which has some exclusions and limitations.

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