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UOG polls community about medicinal marijuana

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by Sabrina Salas Matanane

Guam - The results have been released from a recent University of Guam poll conducted by students.

400 voters were surveyed during the week of April 14th. 

-65 percent of those surveyed said they support medical marijuana,

-64 percent said they prefer the people of Guam be able to approve medical marijuana rather than the legislature

-50-percent meanwhile responded they would support the use of recreational marijuana

-50-percent also said that if medical marijuana were an option they might want to grow it at home.

-for crimes concerning voters, theft, sexual assault and drugs top the list...  Among women under 40, sexual assault is the top concern...

-about 3/4 of voters have had a friend or family member victimized by crime....

-as well about 70% of voters believe the police department is underfunded.

-As for politics, here's the list of top five senators: Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr tops the list, followed by Senator Rory Respicio, Senator Tommy Morrisson, both Senator Tony and Tom Ada tie for fourth and number five was Senator Michael San Nicolas.

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