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Candidates can start filing with GEC on April 22

by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - This coming week marks the start for those wanting to run in this year's election to begin filing their candidacy with the Guam Election Commission.

On April 22nd, potential candidates can officially declare their run for Decision 2014 by filing with the Guam Election Commission. Since January 31st of this year, more than three dozen individuals have picked up candidate packets from the GEC with either the intent to run or to draft a candidate to run for several public offices. Up for election this year include the Office of the Governor, Guam's delegate to Congress, senator, the attorney general, Consolidated Commission on Utilities and the Guam Education Board. Maria Pangelinan explains some of what candidates are required to turn in, saying, "They need to bring their nomination petitions there's a requirement for each different office, 500 signatures for congressional delegate, 500 for gubernatorial candidates, 250 for senators 0546 so they need to bring those in 0548 they need to bring in a police and court clearance 0549 they need to bring certification of qualification, that they can do right here."

To run for the Guam Education Board, 150 signatures of registered voters are required. No signatures are required to run for the AG or the CCU. Other requirements for potential candidates include a $100 filing fee, a financial disclosure statement, an organizational report, and a signed affidavit attesting the candidate has not been convicted for a felony or misdemeanor in any state or territory of the us or foreign country.

Pangelinan meanwhile says she expects at least two judicial retention questions to be placed on the ballot. "How that works is a little different," she said. "They have to write to us, the judge or justice has to write to us letting us know they want their name on the judicial retention."

Pangelinan adds there is still time for any submittal of an initiative or referendum including the medicinal marijuana measure submitted by the Guam Legislature. As we reported, the GEC decided not to place the legislative submission on the ballot as a result of its legal counsel's opinion deeming the action by the Guam Legislature inorganic. The legislature will now seek a declaratory judgment with the court. The last day to file your candidacy for this year's primary election is on July 1. 

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