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UOG Faculty Senate meets

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by Jolene Toves

Guam - The University of Guam's Faculty Senate met today to deliberate an amendment to its handbook to clarify conditions under which it may enter confidential or executive closed sessions. However the amendment was tabled until the next session. Professor Ron McNinch says this is a good sign as the UOG Faculty Senate will be relooking at the amendment and pay decide to disregard it. As we reported he expressed his concerns about the proposal as he believed it to be a violation of Open Government Law.  McNinch says that closed executive sessions of the Faculty Senate were used to deny him academic freedom and due process in September 2013. At that time McNinch says the Senate turned him down for a routine appointment to the Faculty Senate in a closed door meeting. He said he was not invited to attend the meeting either. He adds he wants his name cleared by the Senate.

The professor has also filed a complaint with the recently created Freedom of Information Council.

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