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Senators consider legislation during session

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by Ken Quintanilla

Lawmakers spent most of the morning listening to a presentation from the Guam Power Authority management and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities. Bill 207 would approve the terms and conditions of the Guam Power Authority's revenue bonds to finance capital improvements to the island–wide power system.  GPA is looking to borrow up to $95 million. The bill eventually was sent to the Third Reading File. Four other measures meanwhile were added to the session agenda including Senator Frank Aguon's Bill 311 appropriating funds available in the limited gaming fund for Fiscal Year 2013 to 2014 along with Bill 266 relative to renaming the Tiyan Parkway to the Chalan Maga’Haga. Lawmakers recessed session until Saturday morning for the state memorial service for the late former senator G. Ricardo Santos Salas at 7:20 in the morning.

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